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Medical Assistance Dogs - Supporting Children And Youth In Need!

Sweet Charity

Supporting Children And Youth In Need!

Our Mission
Sweet Charity’s mission is to be an active member of our community, working with schools and other organizations to improve the health and well-being of children and youth. It is our goal to offer the highest quality of standardized ambassador and service dog training. We strive to ensure that we provide this service in a caring, professional and accessible manner.

With an expanded need for canine companionship, evidenced by an increase in requests for our dog training, Sweet Charity has adapted its canine-assisted programs.  We continue to offer canine training to support children and youth within two programs: the Personal Support Service Dog (PSSD) Program and the Canine Ambassador Program (CAP).

Sweet Charity was founded in 2014 with a goal to train Diabetes Alert Dogs for children living with Type 1 Diabetes and hypoglycaemic unawareness. Sweet Charity continues Service Dog training to serve individuals, ages 8 to 25, living with a wide range of medical challenges – physical, social and emotional.

In 2016 Sweet Charity responded to a request to support “at risk” high school students. A pilot Facility Dog Program, entitled the Canine Ambassador Program, was offered in two secondary schools in Simcoe County. This led to the further development and research of canines as companions to provide an intervention strategy for students in elementary, secondary and college settings. 

Service DOG Program

Service dogs are task-trained canines with jobs that benefit individuals with visible and invisible disabilities and other daily living challenges. No matter how big or little they are, where they come from, or what breed they are, they are carefully selected, well socialized, sound, focused, working dogs.
Sweet Charity Service Dog training, a two-year program, includes the selection of a puppy and initial socialization and basic obedience training in the home of the trainers.


Canine Ambassador Program

The facility dog is suited to work in a variety of environments and is accustomed to interacting with many people in the facility. Sweet Charity’s Canine Ambassador Program, a facility dog program, is designed specifically to train handler/dog teams to support the well-being of children and youth in schools. The training and placement of this ambassador dog team includes an eight-week process including evaluations, training sessions, support and follow-up, as well as annual recertification.


Thank you to all of our amazing donors who help to make Sweet Charity possible. For a full list, please view our Dynomo Donors Page.