Board Of Directors

Thank you to our Board Of Directors. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact us.

Chair - Ashley Gordon

I am thrilled to be a part of the Sweet Charity organization.  With my role as Vice-principal of one of the Simcoe County District School Boards secondary school and my previous role as Math, Science, and Special Education teacher, I have had the opportunity to be involved with numerous service dogs over the past 7 years.  Presently my school has 6 trained CAP canine teams – one of those teams is our schools Principal Hailey McLean and her dog Mabel.  Working so closely with a CAP team has demonstrated the amazing benefits of our CAP teams.  Mablel’s presence and gentle nature adds a calming layer to our office space for everyone present, staff, students and parents.  These benefits are felt throughout our school as students and the community get to know our CAP teams and look forward to sharing classes with them.  Ultimately seeing the presence of these teams in our schools helps to build community and wellness throughout our school.  As we strive to help support students physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually these CAP teams play a large part in helping our buildings achieve this goal.  I feel fortunate that I get to be part of such an amazing program that benefits so many students in Simcoe County.

Director Of Operations - Laura Lee Millard-Smith

I have been very fortunate to grow up and live in Grey and Simcoe County.  Growing up with a dog as part of the our family ensured we always were greeted when coming home from school with smiles (sometimes a drool or two) and a wagging tail.  I have been working in high schools in Simcoe County District School Board for 25+ years and when I became aware of Sweet Charity and the Canine Ambassador Program I wanted to get involved!  As a Principal of an Alternative School, I knew that students attending the school would welcome a CAP dog at the school.  My dog Bella graduated from the CAP program in December 2019 and has visited all the Alternative Campuses of my school in SCDSB.  She has played an important role in student wellness at the schools with her friendly demeanor and enthusiasm to see students.  I am looking forward to supporting Sweet Charity as Director of Operations and ensuring our programming continues to support learners and families.


Stephanie Dimech

The strength and love of a dog is unique and powerful. I have seen the impact of CAP dogs on College campuses and remain an advocate for their presence in students’ lives.  As a post-secondary Administrator, our dog Attie has spent a lot of time on campus, doing what she does best, comforting students in crisis, welcoming new students who are away from home to attend College who miss their own dogs, and simply being around.  Attie has provided me with the opportunity to walk the halls and meet students, faculty, and staff, who take 2 minutes (often longer) to take a break in their day and engage with Attie, leaving with a smile.  Attie has worked with many students, who are fearful of dogs, to move through and past that fear.  CAP dogs play a quiet yet influential role in their service and I am privileged to be a part of this work, as a handler and Board member.

Social Media Liaison – Marci Duncan (she/her/hers)

Being the Social Media Liaison for Sweet Charity is a wonderful opportunity! Through this role, I get to share all of the wonderful ways Sweet Charity dogs, from our Service Dog and Canine Ambassador Program (CAP) are making a positive impact in our community! I’ve always believed that dogs provide us with unconditional love and that they take care of us as much as we take care of them (even science confirms this! Read: 10 Science Based Benefits of Having a Dog) That is why I love our Sweet Charity Program so much; it gives us the opportunity to share their love and support with those who need it. As a Principal, I’ve seen the positive impact that our Sweet Charity Dogs have on students and their well-being through the CAP Program. Over and over, I saw the joy that our Sweet Charity CAP dogs bring to our students as I watched their faces light up with smiles or even just a twinkle in their eyes as they connected with their furry friend! 

Contact me at if you have any questions about the programs we offer or to share a story. Connect with us on our Sweet Charity Facebook page or tag us @SweetCharityDog on Twitter to share pictures, and stories and to celebrate our beautiful furry friends!